What To Do When Your Bigpond Email Is Down?

If your Bigpond email which is now known as ‘Telstra’ is down, then probably the server may be overloaded or unreachable due to some network issue, outage or website maintenance work.

If your site is open but you are not able to access your account, then you can try some of the below solutions provided by our technicians of Bigpond support. We serve as a third party support provider.

Check your web browser

  • Check your web browser
  • Also, remove all the temporary caches and cookies from your browser to have the clean browser so that it can load fast without taking too long time.
  • Then you can try to search for alternative URLs like ‘bigpond.com’ or ‘Telstra.com’ etc.

Fix DNS issue

  • DNS is short for (Domain Name System) which permits a site IP address (192.*.**) to be identified with words (.com) to keep it remembered easily for websites.
  • Now clean your local DNS cache. In windows, you have to clean it by going to start menu then type command prompt in the search field and press enter.
  • After opening the cmd window, type ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ and then press enter key.
  • If you can access the website from the 3G network and still it is not working on your computer then the best solution is to use another DNS service other than your IPSs as DNS is provided by your IPS.
  • Google public DNS or Open DNS are both good for free DNS service and then change it.

If still not able to access your email and it is down from the Telstra main site, then there is nothing you can do except waiting. If you are facing any other issue related to this webmail application, then contact us at our Bigpond Support Number 1-800-958-237 and get instant help from our technicians.