How to Troubleshoot Bigpond Email Issues?

If you are a frequent Bigpond user, then you are bound to come across email issues with it. Sometimes, you may have stumbled upon issues while sending and receiving emails. This can lead to major issues and make you frustrated. Save yourself from the issues and the leading irritation by reaching out to Bigpond tech support. We have a team of highly professional technicians who have been resolving issues for years, so you can be assured that whatever your problem might be we will be able to troubleshoot it.

Steps to resolve your email issues:

To troubleshoot the problem you should first know what exactly the problem is and due to what exact reason are you getting issues. Following are some reasons due to which you might be suffering.

Your email password no longer meets the minimum password criteria:

The password criteria have changed over the years, and it could be due to the change in criteria that your password is no longer valid, and you are struggling with issues.

Now, a password should be between 8-16 characters long and should contain at each one of these: lowercase, uppercase, and numerals. If your password doesn’t meet these requirements, then log into your id and change the password.

Accepted characters ASCII values 33-126:

  • Letters A-Z
  • Letters a-z
  • Numbers 0-9
  • Symbols .(full stop) _ (underscore) – (hyphen)

You might be using an outdated setting.

Server setting has changed in years and this could be the reason for the glitches you are currently facing. Find the correct mail platform and operate your account there.

Your account is identified as spam.

Have you been receiving error messages referring to as Spamhaus? Your account is possibly detected as spam, and that is why you are having trouble. In this situation, update your browser and scan all your devices.

Follow the above methods and get your problem solved. But if your problem is still not solved, then don’t waste time sitting ducks Contact Bigpond support number 1-800-958-237 and fix your problems.