How To Stream Online Video On Bigpond?

Want to watch all your TV content on one device? Don’t worry, the Bigpond app is there to get it all done. It is so simple that it let you stream movies and TV shows straight on your Android phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad.

You just need the Bigpond movies app on your eligible device to rent, buy and watch your favorite title. Once you've bought a movie or TV show, it will appear in your "My Library" section. You can then watch it anytime on your smartphone, tablet, Telstra TV, Smart TV, computer or laptop - PC and Mac.

Follow the steps below to enjoy the entertainment:

  • 1) Just download the app from play store or apple store.
  • 2) Open the app
  • 3) Enter your Telstra ID.
  • 4) There are 3 ways you can select your movie or show
    • a. Choose from the ‘Featured’ titles on the front page
    • b. Select the menu and choose between ‘Featured’, ‘Movies’ or ‘TV Shows’
    • c. Click the Search icon and enter the title you are looking for:
  • 5) Tap the title you want;
  • 6) Choose either ‘Rent’ in SD or HD, or ‘Buy’ in SD or HD You can choose to pay via:
    • Your Telstra Bill
    • Credit Card
    • Voucher, or
    • Your BigPond Movies Account Balance.

And you are done! Now you can enjoy all your content online in only one device. For further queries, please contact Bigpond Customer Support Number. We will be happy to hear your views, so please don’t forget to give us your valuable feedback on our webpage