How To Fix Bigpond Email Error Code 550?

Sometimes, users face an error code 550 while accessing their Bigpond mail. There are several different reasons behind this error which doesn’t allow the users to access this mail properly. Take a look at few reasons listed below:

  • The issue with SMTP mail server for a long time
  • Blockage of spam filters which don’t allow the message to reach to recipients
  • Internet connection issue
  • N number of caches and cookies filled in system
  • Remote mail service issue
  • The complication in BigPond settings

These are few reasons that lead to this error code. But don’t worry; you can fix it easily by following the basic and complete procedure provided by Bigpond Support.

Follow the below described steps properly:

  • First of all, turn on your system and connect it to your wireless connection. Then check the settings of your internet connection for 2 to 3 times until the error gets fixed.
  • Delete or remove all the caches and cookies from the history of your web browser because it can also be the reason to block your email from sending.
  • To whom you want to send email, ask them to whitelist you so that you can prevent your email address from getting bounced when you send an email.
  • Monitor the settings of our webmail account properly.
  • Check the STMP mail server and execute accurate settings for the mail server.

In case, if the error code 550 is still not resolved and you are not able to access your webmail account, then quickly connect with our experts by calling us at our toll-free Number and get an alternate and satisfactory solution from Telstra Customer Service to fix this issue without any delay. You can also connect our experts through our online live chat service or email where our experts are available round the clock for our troubled customers.